Why Choose Chibebe?

Why Choose Chibebe?

  • 18 Jul 2016

The original Baby Bean Bag designed for use from newborn through to 5+, a must have item for New Mums. With a Chibebe Baby Bean Bag, your child is safely and comfortably nestled in a resting position, while also being able to interact with the world around them. Find out why Chibebe® and not a cheaper, nasty option!


The shape of the Chibebe bean bag was specifically designed to help babies suffering from GERD (Reflux). The seat cradles the baby in a position which prevents some of the symptoms of Reflux. It can also be used to alleviate symptoms for those suffering with Laryngomalacia (LM)


Babies resting in a Chibebe baby bean bag are less likely to suffer Flathead syndrome. The bean bag supports the back of your baby's head in a natural, soft cocoon that reduces the pressure which can result in an abnormal head shape.

Safety & Comfort

Chibebe products have been thoroughly tested and meet all NZ Safety Standards. Safety features include the double bag and childproof zip to prevent beans escaping as well as the baby harness designed to keep baby secure in the seat. Chibebe seats are made from a stretch Lycra blend with soft padding for comfort.


Chibebe bean bags are so versatile. They are designed to be used from birth to age 5+, they have interchangeable easy-zip seats in a range of colours, they're easy to wipe clean or machine wash and they have a waterproof backing for wet areas.

Why Choose Chibebe?

We work hard to ensure Chibebe is the best baby beanbag on the market. Our efforts and attention to detail is obvious. Just a quick glance tells it all. No other is comparable to a Chibebe product, and it's important to know that just because there may another that appears to look similar, it does not mean that it is the same. 

Often Imitated, Never Duplicated. 

Chibebe is Australia's original baby beanbag, and who introduced the product to Australia. We have had others attempt to use our success to their own advantage, ​yet there is no comparison. We've seen the same jargon we use pop up on other sites. We've seen our content duplicated. We have unique functions on our site, like the 'Build A Pod' that we worked years to create, only to recently hear that 'someone else' is trying to create a version of, on their own site. We ignore these unethical actions as our buyers are savvy. They know that no other is comparable to a genuine Chibebe Snuggle Pod!

We're much too busy focusing on being the best that we can be, and not lose our focus because of those who prefer to copy our work, therefore not being genuine as a brand in their own right. The difference between a Chibebe Podder vs a non-Podder is one who simply doesn't realise that there is a difference. We are 'us', and we are ethical, fun, and we move forward on our own merits, not others.

A Chibebe parent wants the best for their child and will either purchase the Snuggle Pod for this reason, or not buy a baby beanbag at all. If they cannot afford a Chibebe Snuggle Pod, they will pop it on their baby shower wish list and cross their fingers that they get one. They won't sacrifice on quality just for the price.


Whilst it irks us to see sellers try to brand themselves with obvious inspiration from Chibebe, they don't concern us as a brand, as a savvy shopper knows how to tell a high quality product from a low one.  The only concern we do hold, is for the un-savvy shopper who purchases a baby beanbag without knowing .

So here's just a few reasons why Chibebe is the very best baby beanbag for your baby.

Originality:  We introduced the baby beanbag to Australia circa 2007. It would have been 2 years earlier if we wanted an easy launch and were willing to suffer consequences and put babies in danger, but that's not how we roll.

Hard Yards & Laboratory Testing: It was a loooong ride to the launch of our baby bean bags, as we wanted to launch it 2 years prior, but no-one was able to help us with knowing what standards we had to meet, not even the ACCC, as it was a brand new product, never seen before here, so no-one knew what labelling to put on it; what testing we needed for it, etc. This is a product for babies, so we refused to launch it without this information. We were told by many people to just launch it as they could see how awesome it was. This was our first experience of how some people will just sell a baby product without worrying about the potential consequences! However, we stuck to our guns, and refused to launch it until we did it the ethical way, to ensure it was safe for use by babies. This took us 2 years(!!!) to investigate and work it out with the ACCC and the consumer testing laboratory, to be safe for use by your child. Thanks to the popularity of the baby beanbag we introduced to Australia, the law is alot clearer now on standards required for it.

Laboratory Testing Ongoing. Selling baby products is serious stuff! We weren't about to launch anything without being officially tested, to ensure that we produced a baby beanbag that we deemed to be safe, not only by Mandatory Standards, but our own high standards. Being the very first to produce a baby bean bag in Australia, we were being extra careful to ensure we made a safe product for babies. As part of our ethos, we continue to test our pods, to ensure our manufacturing processes remain of the highest standards for your child.

Quality: No other brand compares to a Chibebe Snuggle Pod. This is obvious at a glance, even to the most un-savvy shopper. Others try to pass themselves off as a competitor, but we don't consider ourselves to have one. 

Materials: Our fabrics, zippers, buckles and all other parts are also made just for us! They are not made from cheap, nasty fabrics. Our zippers are not the clunky plastic ones. Our brand is featured on each and every design for authenticity, and not just on a label. Our seat tops are not made from the 'sweaty suede' or velvet, which is a common fabric for a Chinese factory to offer to sellers, to save costs on manufacturing. If a seller tells you that their fabric is made for them also, then ask for the lab test results....because, why would you make your own fabric if you weren't concerned about the chemical levels used to make it? If anyone is selling any product cheaper than the original brand (Chibebe), question the authenticity of their claims.

Colors: Our base fabrics, seat fabrics, rockers and pod warmers etc, are made to our strict color instructions. We don't get what's simply available. Everything is made just for us, to our strict color code instructions, and they meet our high standards. Being a fussy bunch, we give our suppliers a headache with each and every order, but they appreciate our attention to detail and love working with us. This is how the Chibebe seat and rocker color range is so perfectly matched to each and every Snuggle Pod design, and is the reason you have so much fun playing around with our endless combination options!

Inner Bag: the uniquely shaped inner bag for the baby beanbag is a registered design of Chibebe (ie: it's exclusive to us) to make it easier for parents to wash the beanbag cover at any time without making a mess when removing the beans.

Chemicals: All fabrics used in baby furnishings are more than likely dyed in some way. In countries such as China, there is no strict rule on how fabrics are dyed, and most of the time, unless they are ethically made, they contain high levels of dangerous chemicals.  Our fabrics are tested for the dyes used, and meet the strict Australian standards for safe use by babies. These are voluntary tests, and if you undertake it, the criteria is strict. Parents are always amazed when they discover that these tests are not mandatory in Australia for this product, and we don't blame them!

Agencies: We are proud of our efforts to make the best baby bean bag for your child, and are always at the front line to work with agencies such as the ACCC, to ensure it is very clear what a baby beanbag is, and how it should be used. We played a part in the re-labelling of beanbags in 2015/16 and are proud to be vocal leaders in the baby beanbag industry in Australia.

Accessories: We design and manufacture accessories for our Pods. We don't just sell baby bean bags to make a quick buck. We are specialists in this product. We take our job to provide the perfect product for your child very seriously. 

The Chibebe Experience: The Chibebe Snuggle Pod is so much more than just a baby beanbag, It is an experience. It is something we take pride and joy in. From the adaptable baby to toddler seats, to the gift cards for gifting, to the amazingly gorgeous packaging for all of our products, the Chibebe Snuggle Pod is the perfect baby gift for your own child or loved one.

User Friendly Website: Our website exudes quality and fun. Even so, we continuously work on it to make it super user friendly and fun to use.

Trademarks & Registrations: We are trademarked all over the world. We are not a stay-at-home business. We own the warehouse which holds our products. We run a company. We take our brand very seriously, and have distribution centres in Australia, the USA and NZ. We also officially register our designs as a legal registration when we create a new product. Cos that's how we roll, baby.

MISC: The list of what we do to make you happy and confident in our products is an exhaustive one, and you have to love hard work and lots of coffee to be us!

Found a cheaper 'brand'?: We never compromise on our quality to be able to compete with a cheaper brand who has not taken the same level of pride in their products as we do. So if you see a cheaper version and you're ok to pop the most precious being in your life in it, then go for it. A Chibebe parent is one who values the very best products for their child.

Love, A Bunch of Happy Podders

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