We're all about making babies comfy. So you can rest easy.

The Chibebe® brand was built on a single principle- a dedication to creating beneficial & safe products for babies and children, with a high focus on quality. We introduced the baby bean bag concept to Australia & New Zealand circa 2007, and since then, the brand has evolved to a funky cool bunch of designers, developers and in-house admin, who love what we do.

Our exclusive designs are just the beginning. Our focus on high quality, attention-to-detail products are a result of team effort and a fun atmosphere. The Chibebe® Snuggle Pod® baby bean bag is consistently reported by parents and carers worldwide to prevent reflux & flat head symptoms in babies, and we are long-time partners of Coping with Laryngomalacia®, who swear by our Pods to help babies with breathing disorders such as Laryngomalacia, Tracheomalacia and Bronchomalacia.

We are Australia and New Zealands original baby bean bag brand, and the #1 trusted brand in baby beanbags, so it's no wonder every savvy new parent has the Snuggle Pod on their baby shower wish list!

Is your bebe a chibebe?

With the release of Australia's first baby beanbag seating solution, for use from birth, now known as the Snuggle Pod® baby bean bag, the Chibebe® brand quickly cemented its position as an innovative and creative manufacturer of baby products.

Featuring stellar designs and incomparable quality, the Snuggle Pod baby bean bag has proved to be one of the most family-friendly products on the market. For use from Birth2Big® (birth to pre-teen), the Pod is credited for being the most affordable yet invaluable baby product for every newborn, as it is used way beyond the usual few months that most baby items are designed to be used for.

Partnerships with industry leaders such as Huggies and Pumpkin Patch soon followed, and in 2011, Chibebe also began manufacturing accessories for the Snuggle Pod, such as the Pod Rocker® & the Pod Warmer®, with more to come.

When we designed our inner bag to hold the bean filling, it changed the way you care for the Snuggle Pod® baby bean bag. This inner bag is exclusive to Chibebe®, and it allows you to easily remove the bean filling from the bean bag cover, so that you can wash it, or store it for future use. In addition to a baby and toddler seat, the Inner Bag is included with each and every Snuggle Pod.

The Snuggle Pod features a huge, exclusive collection of vibrant, sweet, and fun baby bean bag covers, all of which are designed for the design enthusiast, decor loving, savvy parent who only wants the very best for their child.

Moving into the future, the Chibebe team are always planning on adding to the already diverse collection of baby products on offer in the brand.

Chibebe. A reputation, not a name.