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  • Can I use the Pod Warmer with any seat top?

    No. The Pod Warmer comes with it's very own baby seat which features a 2nd zipper, for the Blanket top to attach to. We don't have this extra zipper on other seat tops, for those who live in warmer climates and who don't require a blanket top.

    The Pod Warmer can be used with any Chibebe Snuggle Pod.

    When can l start using the Pod Warmer?

    From the day Bub is born! It features a button down top part, which can be un-buttoned, for use as Bub gets bigger. It is perfect for use through the cooler months after Bub is born.

    Why not just use a normal baby blanket?

    We feel that it is not safe to pop a loose blanket over babies, because they can easily pull the blanket over their little heads, and not only become very scared and unable to remove it, but there may also be a risk of suffocation.

    The Pod Warmer is designed specifically for the Snuggle Pod, and means that Bub is safe and warm at all times.


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Most asked questions

Benefits of the Snuggle Pod?
Everyone knows that the Chibebe Snuggle Pod is a must-have for new parents, and those who never had one before...but there may be more to our pods than meets the eye! They are actually designed for babies, and parents alike! From being portable for you to carry from room to room, and car to home, as you go about your day, to possibly helping to relieve reflux and prevent flathead in babies, find out how super awesome the Snuggle Pod is here.
What does a Snuggle Pod come with?
  • 1 x Chibebe Designer Base Beanbag Cover

    1 x Baby Seat (with harness) for use from Birth

    1 x Toddler Seat (no harness) for use from when Bub can sit unaided, and through to tweenage years

    1 x Removable Inner Filling Bag for beans, for easy washing and storage of the beanbag cover

    1 x Instruction Booklet

    1 x Designer Packaging

    1 x Chibebe Gift Card (just in case you are gifting your Chibebe purchase)

Is a Snuggle Pod water resistant?
Yes, the designer base is water resistant, and the baby seat has a water resistant lining for those little accidents.
Are beans included?
You can seledct for us to have the beans delivered with the Snuggle Pod, or opt to purchase them yourself at your local Kmart store for about $12. You might be purchasing the Snuggle Pod months before Bub is born, so you might not wnat it filled yet, so you got options!
What’s the suitable age group?
The Chibebe Snuggle Pod is laboratory tested for use from birth (with baby seat) through to pre-teens (with toddler seat). Newborns especially benefit from our Snuggle Pods, as they are raved about by carers worldwide for its ability to relieve reflux and flathead in babies!
Where do you ship to?
  • We ship to anywhere within Australia & the rest of the world, excluding New Zealand & the USA& Canada.

    For orders within New Zealand, please click here

    For orders within the USA & Canada, please click here